Monday, July 20, 2009

Russian super-gun program resumed

Russia's super-gun program has resumed with the planned building of the AK-47 inspired vertical launch facility for IRBMs. The three barreled devise is fed by a large magazine on the bottom story, visible in the artist's impression below.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

In a picture taken moments before the discovery of King Jong II, staff are seen carefully combing the floor for signs. Jong was found after an orderly search of the People's non-ironic palace.

Great Generals had been called in to search the conference hall after an aid reported the dear leader missing last Tuesday. Reports indicate that Jong's platform shoes were later found and the risk of losing him again is greatly diminished.

Each General has been awarded 5 new medals after this successful mission against capitalist aggression. The CIA denies involvement in the shoe sabotage plot designed to destabilize the dictator, catapulting him to the right.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Russians: Psychotronic Warfare is Possible

According to a Russian scientistific source, Psychotronic Warfare is "Possible".

Source: RussianLynxy

Ok, so theres been alot of talk whether or not "psy" warfare is possible.
Believe it or not, it very well is. I drew up a small wavelength diagram to show
the weapon in it's most primitive form.

The conditions of this Model are:1st Diagram- The human Heart operates @ roughly 9Hz (1 phase/second)- I'm not sure about the AMPs but, in purpose of the explanation the effect is the same due to emission/heart operation ratio. (I set the heart at roughly 2 AMP)2nd Diagram- 2 separate experimental emissions are present (A and B as indicated on the graph)- A runs at roughly 13Hz (making it unnoticeable to the affected human, due to the fact it's only SLIGHTLY higher than the frequency of the heart) All this at a LOWER AMP than the heart.- B Runs at the same AMP as the heart (2 AMP) and also at 13HzNOTE:

The average human ear is capable of hearing sounds from 20Hz to
20KHz (20000Hz)Therefore these emissions cannot be heardOUTCOME:- When the outside emission interferes with the frequency of the heart, you can see a
change in pattern (see my notes in image). TO understand this just add the AMP
from each negative and positive climax of the wave (for example -2 AMP + 1 AMP =
-1 AMP) ---> this result is plotted on the outcome graph.(READ THE DETAILED

One thing I discovered was that the higher the AMP the more intense the effect. In reality this would make the difference between sudden death/rupture of blood vessels to arhythmic heartbeat which would eventually lead to a lethargic state and eventually heart failure)OF COURSE, this is only the most primitive form of psychotronic warfare. It will be much more complex with the brain, because the brain functions under completely different conditions.

So, just to clear it up for you guys... you can start seeing apparitions and hallucinations due to lack of oxygen to the brain NOTE: This would require a VERY powerful and constant power source. The materialization of this concept would require a powerful antenna or emitter which can produce infra-sound signals.Practical Utilization: Imagine the effect this kind of weapon could have in a large city? It is speculated that the USSR had an entire program based on these kinds of studies. Very elementary forms of psychotronic weapons are seen today in the form of Riot-dispersement electronics and even key-chains to scare aggressive/stray dogs.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

US Hawaii defences because of this blog

The announcement by US defense tzar Gates this week that USA is moving its precious anti-missile defenses to Hawaii is clear evidence that this Blog is read at the highest places! Coming just a week after I introduced the English speaking world to the Tsunami Bomb plan by Kim, evil dictator of North Korea. In the plan Kim will target his nuclear missiles at the Hawaiian mountains intending to cause a landslide into the sea which can trigger a tsunami thousands of miles away on the West coast of America.

I am honored to play this vital part in the US defense plan!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

USAF's most secret nuclear attack bomber is to be sold to communist China

The Defense Department is reportedly furious with the President's proposal to sell blueprints of the B-2 Spirit stealth bomber to the People's Republic. Gates has flatly rejected the President's plan, but has since been asked to step down if he will not facilitate the process.

According to the deal, the United States would sell the plans for the B-2, along with radar-absorbing paints and metals in exchange for $50 billion in debt relief. The B-2 cost the US government $23 billion to develop the bomber in the 1980s.

According to the Administration, this proposal will help the United States resolve its debt issues. They point out their belief that the B-2 bomber is "strategically obsolete", according to a source in the White House Press Office. In addition, the source claims that the Chinese would be unable to create their own functioning stealth bomber fleet for "at least eight years."


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mini-Kim mystery

Japanese news agencies claim that Kim Jung Un, future dear leader of North Korea, is a clone of Kim Bomb Il, not a conventionally seeded son.

My verdict? Um, let me strike my thinking pose....

Saturday, June 6, 2009

North Korea's Tsunami bomb

North Korea's Taepodong missiles cannot reach the USA's exposed west coast, but the new longer range missile tested in May can easily hit Hawaii. That's close enough for what Kim's scientist want. According to respected Japanese military analysts North Korea is planning to use it's nuclear missiles to wipe out 17% of USA's GDP in an instant, not by a direct strike but by an indirect strike on Hawaii which can cause a landslide big enough to create a radioactive Tsunami.

"The Tsunami strike as several advantages for North Korean scientists. Firstly Hawaii is much closer to North Korea so the technology to get the missile there is less challenging than reaching Silicon Vally in a single flight. Secondly it avoids the whole problem of getting through America's Ground Based Interceptor (GBI) missile screen which is based at Vandenberg AFB, California and intended to defend against a North Korean or Chinese missile attack. And lastly, the impact is far greater for a given equivalent tonnage of TNT; North Korea's nuclear materials are still too small to build bombs in the 20+ megaton range. We estimate that 12MT is sufficient for the Tsunami attack."

North Korean mad man readying invasion forces?

The Dear Leader gives the Korean People's Air Force the thumbs up on Saturday 6th June at Osan Air Base. Under North Korean plans the base will be the new home of KPAF following the invasion.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Kim Bomb Il

SEOUL, South Korea (CNN) -- The U.N. Security Council called an emergency meeting Monday after world leaders reacted with outrage to North Korea's latest nuclear test. Except Russia, China, Syria, Venezuela, France, Iran, Sudan and Cuba.

This screen grab from North Korean television on May 25th shows leader Kim 'Bomb' Il in Pyongyang, witnessing the test through protective glasses

Kim had threatened to conduct the test if the U.N. Security Council did not apologize for imposing sanctions on North Korea after it tested a failed ICBM ballistic missile rocket April 5. Some DPRK sympathisers argue that had the missile test been a success then sanctions would be understandable, but to punish Kim for failure sends the wrong message.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Russia's deception plan now transparent

Moscow, the senior member of the True Axis of Evil (TAE), is playing the West by selling out the junior members of its secret empire. Controversial technology and arms transfers to Russia's allies Syria and Iran have been cancelled at a cost; the sale of advanced secret Israeli military technology to Russia on favorable terms.

The Mig-31 Foxhound super fighter. Russia as to transfer 8 of these beasts to Syria but cancelled when Israeli agreed to transfer UAV secrets.

The S-300 missile system which can shoot down stealths. Russia as to provide these to Iran to prevent a Western air strike on nuclear sites but conceded to Israeli protests.

This is a cunning ruse. Syria and Iran are in on the game and will benefit from the stolen Israeli secrets providing unparalleled insight into the US unmanned air vehicle capabilities and tactics.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

North Korea's hidden weapons

North Korea continues to hide its weapons programs behind civilian cover stories. nobody should believe that their nuclear program is civilian or that the supposed satellite launches are anything but missile tests. Everything must be viewed with suspicion.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

China wooing terrorists

As a sign of the world economic crisis hitting China, Chinese government defense firms have begun actively marketing to world terrorist leaders with a range of gold plated automatic rifles. Saddam Hussein, who many believe may still be alive after the faked execution, is believed to favour gold weapons. The Type-95 rifle is a copy of the French FAMAS rifle.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Russian Airborne Laser aircraft

This secret photo shows the Russians airborne laser jet similar to the American One. The fuselage is from an Il-76 transport which is like a C-17. The project will form the third tier of Russia's operation anti-ballistic missile program and may be used to target American ABM batteries in Poland. If you look carefully at the nose you can see the laser device.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

CIA secret planes found in public source images

On Google Earth web application few US secret bases slip past the Government security professionals that work undercover at Google to censor images that show secret sites.
But aircraft caught in the satellites lens often escape these guys.
Aurora spy plane over Russia
Click to see whole image! Exclusive the Truth Conspiracy blog 2009!
The Aurora project is one of the USAF's worst kept secrets, but the government still denies the projects existence. The Aurora is a large delta winged high super-sonic spy plane that replaced the SR-71 Blackbird as the primary USAF/CIA spy plane. Compared to the SR-71 the Aurora is about twice as fast and much more stealthy, so it can fly directly over Moscow immune to the advanced SAM systems that Russia has.

U2 Spy Plane over middle east returning from Iran
The U2 is still used to spy on low technology countries like Iran and Syria.

Predator spy "UAV" in secret Pakistan base The Predator is an unmanned UAV type spy plane. These are used by USAF to spy on the Taliban but this secret base is nearer Iran. USAF Predator operations are not secret over Afghanistan so these must be flying somewhere more sensitive to be kept secret. USAF denies operating from this location at this time and when the images were revealed they suddenly vanished from Google Earth! Now they are back.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Venezuela sells US secrets to North Korea

Venezuelan president Chavez has concluded a secret deal to sell US made military equipment to North Korea. The deal includes 5 F-16 fighter jets which North Korea wants to use to train its fighter pilots to beat American and South Korean forces. The fighters would also be used in time of war to confuse South Korean air defenses and sneak deep into enemy territory before attacking key targets with tactical nuclear weapons.
Venezuela's F-16s are supported by Israeli expertise. Most of Venezuela's arms come from France and Russia including Mirage fighters and Havoc attack helicopters.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CIA smuggles Russian super-fighters into USA

The CIA has bought two Soviet super-fighters on the black market of Eastern Europe, the famous Sukhoi Su-30 Flanker. The Flanker jet is hypermaneverable and can shoot down any western jet, even the F-22 Raptor in some circumstances. Russia has been giving these potent weapons to any states that are anti-USA, including Venezuela and China. The jet has even been flown in Paris. The deal is thought to be with Ukraine, where unscrupulous government officials are easily bribed and even sold nuclear capable Kh-55 cruise missiles to Iran and China.

The jets arrived in an unmarked military cargo plane that is not meant to draw attention. But these photos reveal two jets being unloaded and stored in a civilian hanger.

The huge cargo plane was met by police and Secret Service guards in SUVs with blacked out windows.

You can imagine the cameraman's shock when the first Soviet jet emerges. The wings and tail are removed to allow it to fit into the cargo plane.

The second jet comes out front first.

In the hanger the jets are hurriedly reassembled. The Cannons are still installed!

The CIA uses these aircraft to learn the Russian secrets to super agility and unsurpassed dog fighting missile technology which can be fed into upgrades on the F-22 Raptors. This has been going on for years and the US operates a secret air force of Russian and Chinese jets.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Map of Freedom gets it wrong

I love how well meaning people get the fundamentals wrong. There's this site call Freedom House which has a map dedicated to showing which countries in the world are free and which are not. They get the bad guys correct, like former USSR, North Kore, Iran, China and stuff but they do not truly understand freedom. They do not understand that the USA and Europe are not free states, where think tanks like "Freedom House" are pawns in rich politician's and defense industry tycoon's games of chess.
Ignorant garbage

North Korean propoganda

Hey I found these really cool anti USA posters ont'web. Kim's intentions of world domination remain unchecked, but he needs outside support to realize his vision of building a communist anti-USA utopia in the post-nuclear holocaust on 2018.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

H-Bomb gap

Hey I've been doing the math. The US and her dependable puppet UK are seriously outgunned. Wiki says we only have 4,075 nukes.

That leaves us with a bomb gap of 1,417 nukes!!!!!!

Russia mulling annexation of European buffer states


In scenes reminicient of Prague Spring in 1968 when Soviet tanks invaded Czechoslovakia and the West did nothing, Russian tanks are once again racing through the streets of a European capital. 1968

Nuclear missile tanks filed past the Kremlin. Who is the message to? Belarus, Ukraine and Poland had better watch out!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Karst Tates: The perfect Assassin?

Karst Tates accelerated a subcompact car through a crowd of innocent bystanders in a failed assassination attempt on the Dutch Royal Family.

Sincere condolences to the victims of this atrocity and their families.

However, Karst Tates is not a regular assassin. He is so completely atypical it raises one very profound question in our minds; East, or West?

Newspapers report that he died of injuries sustained although he may have been silenced by powers unknown.

Karl Tates cannot have expected to get paid or rewarded had he been successful, he was on a one-way mission; like Imperial Japanese pilots in WWII, Tates boarded his Japanese made car to perform Kamikaze. But he had no record of mental instability and his economic woes are commonplace in Europe. He had no alcohol in his blood but traces of Cannabis. This is common in Netherlands where drug addiction is legal.

Were there tests for the commonly applied mind control drugs used by KGB/FSB? This would be the footprint of a Russian plot.

Or was this mental conditioning and trigger as used by CIA? Was a copy of a novel found in his car, like Catcher In The Rye? This would point to an American plot.

John Lennon's assassin, Mark David Chapman, was triggered to kill by trigger words in the popular novel Catcher in the Rye. This novel is available in Dutch.

In this photo of Tates moments after his failed assassination attempt, something is clearly laying on the back seat of his car. Is this the trigger book?

What music was he playing at the time of the crash? Were any strange music requests made to local radio stations that day?

Why Russia and North Korea are strong allies

Putin and Kim pose in front of a decorative wall painted by school children in the North Korean capital, Pyongpang. Kim is a keen poet and talented artist.

The Russian Communist Party see in North Korea (DPRK) as an ideological friend and use the regime as an example for Russia. Putin is greatly influenced by the style and charisma of his North Korean counterpart and friend, Kim Jong Il. Russian admiration of the North Korea is because they believe:

1) North Koreans possess admirable traits of character: generosity, patriotism, and allegiance to their chosen principles.

2) Russia and Korea have historically never been at war with each other.

3) The North Korean economy, despite all its shortcomings, is connected to the Russian economy. The DPRK requires huge quantities of Russian technology, equipment, and spare parts. In turn, it is ready to supply Russia with various raw materials. If Moscow chooses the correct policy, Russian-North Korean trade could immediately jump. In a long-term perspective, North Korea could become a much more valuable partner than South Korea because Seoul developed its economy in isolation from Russia (and the Soviet Union) and is oriented to other markets.

4) It is wrong to say that Pyongyang rejects changes in its practical policies. While holding to a firm and time-proven basis of "juche", the North Korean leadership is making determined efforts to update its economic policy to correspond with present-day realities.

5) Kim Jong-il is the recognized leader of the DPRK in ideology, politics, and economics. It is only thanks to him that after the death of Kim Il-sung the Korean Peninsula has not been turned into a battlefield much more destructive than the war in the former Yugoslavia.

6) Kim Jong-il is not very visible to the outside world, but this is only because he observing a period of mourning for his deceased father. As for meeting average Koreans, Kim Jong-il does this on a daily basis. The current DPRK leader is a versatile, talented, and well-educated man, who writes poems and music and speaks several foreign languages, including Russian. Kim Jong-il has a deep knowledge of many fields of theory and practice. He is also known for unparalleled bravery, both at home and abroad.

7) The DPRK has quite a few achievements superior to those of South Korea and the West. It boasts good air, crystal-clean rivers, and fresh, unpolluted parks. Its society is characterized by order and discipline, mutual respect among its citizens, and hard and happy work. Old people and children are cared for. The entire nation is united by common goals and ideas. North Koreans live according to the principles of collectivism.

8) There are some economic difficulties in the DPRK. But the main reasons for them are extremely bad weather and a shortage of raw materials, spare parts, and marketing opportunities for the plants and factories built in the past by the Soviet Union. However, North Koreans are quite optimistic and are determined to overcome these difficulties.

9) The young generation of the DPRK remains faithful to the ideals of "juche". This is a guarantee that the state has a good future.

How France gives North Korea 8 billion AK-47s

The French government does not officially recognise the existence of North Korea. This is hypocrisy as France gives North Korea gun money to help the build up for the great Patriotic post-nuclear-holocaust War (GPPNHW) which Dear Leader Kim believes is inevitable.

In 2008 France exported 9 million dollars worth of products to North Korea, but imported an amazing 38 million dollars worth. That's 38 million more than USA and leaves Kim 29 million in pocket!

Converted to the international currency of the terrorist states, the AK-47, that's over 8 billion AK's at US retail prices!

French President SARKOZY depicted with a gold plated AK-47 favoured by Saddam Hussein

Saturday, May 2, 2009

USAF secret weapon revealed

Last week's low flight of the presidential Air Force 1 jet low over New York was not all as it seemed. The jet made numerous low passes over the city on the pretence of a photo shoot escorted by F-16 jet fighters. Behind the scenes something much more sinister occurred: the USAF tested their new anti-airliner weapons system being deployed around air ports and major cities in US. The system is rumored to use microwaves to rapidly boil the tissues of the pilot, crew and passengers, causing the plane to crash without giving air-crash investigators any evidence of the cause of the crash.

Air Force 1 low over New York. Air Force 1 is shielded to defend against microwave weapons.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dulce underground Facility

The US Government top secret underground base at Dulce, New Mexico, is subject for a lot of research papers and sadly a lot of fiction.

The sketch maps below show the true full extent of the bunker and vehicle entrance which is behind a cliff against the river bank. Guard huts give regular foot access.
The base is manned by USAF personnel who arrive by bus in the early hours most Tuesdays and remain underground for two weeks at a time. The bus also brings supplies for the 20 crewmen. The base is connected to the town water and sewage which is why the US Government is on the bill and pays property tax in Dulce!
What does the facility do? If you have any info please contact me here.

Secret underground base entrance in Western Kansas?

I found this really interesting post on the net, I hope the author won't mind me posting it.
Secret underground base entrance in Western Kansas?

I recieved some interesting and exciting information today. I got a phone call from an old friend, who we’ll call Mike. He’s currently investigating the underground military base rumor.If you haven’t read into underground military bases such as Dulce, New Mexico—the basic idea is that there is an underground world, right beneath our feet in the United States. It spans across the whole nation, and has many secret entrances across the homeland (allegedly Area 51, Dulce NM, and many entrances across Colorado and the midwest–rural areas without a lot of people). Supposedly, the base has many different levels dug deep into the ground, where extraterrestrial beings and high members of our military and government (or possibly members of an even higher-up, world government–New World Order) exchange technology, perform cruel genetic experiments involving both humans and all sorts of animals, and form war strategy for a potential interplanetary war.Read more about the Dulce base and other underground bases here.Anyways, my friend is investigating possible locations for secret entrances to this underground world. He is currently in Western Kansas, and has found some pretty peculiar and shady information. The town that he’s in a small farming community—a rural town with a population of around 150 people. The people there keep to themselves and the majority of the people there are senior citizens—old farmers in a nutshell.What caught Mike’s eye about the town when passing through was an old, run-down factory. The factory was apparently still in use, because there were numerous ”Restricted Area” and other such signs. There was also a chain link fence topped with barbed wired. He continued to the next town and rented a hotel room, as there weren’t any hotels in the small town with the factory.After talking to a number of the small town’s residents, he found some very intriguing information about the factory. Here’s the scoop on the factory: it had been used many years ago for building prosthetic limbs, but was shut down. About 20 years later, in 2004, the factory was bought by a new company—a company that repairs old busses. The new company immediately put up a chain link fence, topped with barbed wire fence, and covered with “No Tresspassing” signs, and even one that goes as far as to say “Survivors will be Prosecuted.”But why? Why does a bus-repair company need such extreme security measures, for a town consisting of 150 (for the most part) senior citizens? What is it that they don’t want people to see? Mike got even more curious.Mike asked residents if they had seen or noticed anything strange about the company or factory, and got some very interesting answers.The residents all seemed to notice the same things:Nobody is ever seen working at the factory. The business is fully operational, and has a number of employees on the payroll. One woman, who lives close to the factory, said that the only time she’s ever seen anyone there at all was late at night when she was awakened by her dog barking, and saw one single man at the factory.When the company first came to town, there were probably about 15 or 20 men who applied for a job at the factory. None of them were hired. The workers are supposedly shuttled in from out of town, although nobody in the whole town has seen any workers shuttled it—or at all for that matter.But, it gets stranger. After hearing more about the strange factory, Mike decided to delve a little bit deeper. He spoke to the town’s mayor about the factory. The mayor told him that the company had made a contract with the small town after being rejected by another small town nearby. He was also told that they would soon be building an airplane runway, and had purchased many, many acres of farmland from local farmers. The company now owned a whole region of Kansas country side.Why the hell would a giant runway be built out in the middle of nowhere? And why did they need all that farmland? They supposedly fix busses, although there’s no evidence of this, and now they own many acres of empty farmland. And why is it that the other small town had rejected the contract? A big company with a factory would usually be a blessing to a small town like these ones, and it would be difficult to turn down such a great economic opportunity. They must have seen something wrong with the picture…But it doesn’t end there. It’s only just begun.Mike decided to get up close and personal with the facility. He got his digital camera, polaroid camera, and camera-phone, and parked about 500 yards from the facility. He walked up to the facility and started snapping pictures with all three cameras from outside the fence.Within minutes, a tan colored Chevy Blazer with a kayak strapped to the top of it turned down the dirt road and headed toward Mike. The obvious ploblem with the vehicle having a kayak strapped to it, is that western Kansas is a region with only minor streams not anywhere near big enough for kayaking. The blazer pulled up to Mike, and to his surprise, the two men in the Blazer were wearing black suits and dark sunglasses, and looking very sharp. The Blazer and kayak were obviously just a cover vehicle—one with some obvious issues.The two men comfiscated Mike’s digital and polaroid cameras and photos. But, they didn’t take his camera phone, so he came out with a few pictures, though they’re not of great quality. The men asked Mike what he had seen, and he acted as if he was oblivious to the secret scheme, pretending to be a photographer. They knew he wasn’t a photograher, and told him to turn around and walk to his car. If he were to come any closer to the facility, he would be “exterminated.”He complied, turned around, and walked to his car. He didn’t want to mess around anymore. He was done digging. He wasn’t going to get any closer to the facility.Please people, let me hear what you think? What’s happening here? Leave a comment below…..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Army's failure to shoot down Korean super-SCUD explained

I've been pondering this since the launch and it's obvious that the deployment of Patriot anti-ballistic missiles to Japan was a bluff. The west had NO INTENTION of shooting the missile down right from the out-set.

And here is the unequivicable proof: The Patriot missiles deployed to Tokyo were INERT.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

CIA airbrush google maps

Evidence has emerged that Google corporation cannot escape the CIA security blanket, reminding us that the CIA controls almost everything we see on the "free" Internet.

The top secret Patriot PAC-3 missile system that defends Tokyo from nuclear attack by North Korea has been airbrushed out of Google maps imagery:

What you do NOT see in the above image is that 'A' marks the site of the PAC-3 missile battery.

Each PAC-3 launching system has four missiles with a range of some 20km against SCUDs and ICBM missiles. The launchers are protected from inquisitive children by razor wire:
This is just more proof that the Internet has not freed a generation from the Conspiracy.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

North Korean missile program based on French technology?

The similarities between the North Korean Taepodong II missile and the French Atlas SLV-3 missile are striking. Both have a long narrow dose section containing the upper rocket motors and a much fatter lower rocket motor. Both are used as ICBMs and as satellite launch vehicles. Is this coincidence or yet more evidence of French assistance the Communist regime?

North Korean leader seen in public

The first photo in a few weeks shows how much the Dear Leader has aged in the last 6 months. Last week he was seen inspecting military and rocket bases in North Korea, and joining troops dancing in the streets to celebrate the successful launch of the Taepodong missile, which was allegedly shot out of the stratosphere by USAF in a covert mission.

"In recent weeks, North Korean media have released video images of Mr Kim touring farms and factories, in what analysts say was a strategy designed to show he was fit and well before the parliament vote.
Some observers suggest that even Sunday's rocket launch was timed for maximum propaganda value ahead of the parliamentary session.

Mr Kim was confirmed in his third term as the country's leader
Analysts say Mr Kim received a domestic boost from the launch, despite widespread foreign criticism of what was seen as a disguised missile test."